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    First, visit our official website of interpretation of dreams in Islam. In 90% of the cases, you will find the meaning in the website.

    If you are not satisfied, then you can post on this forum by following the following rules :


    • Create a new topic for each request. Do not post under other people’s requests.
    • Be clear and precise. A dream is always a mixture of parasitism and real symbols. If you are not sure of the symbols, then it is a confusing dream and you should not reveal.
    • Do not forget to tag your subject with keywords to facilitate the forum search for newcomers. If your dream speaks of ocean, then put tags like “dream ocean islam”.
    • Be polite with other members. Any doubtful behavior will cause a definitive ban.
    • Children are not allowed to ask interpretation. Be careful if you are also a teenager because dreams at this moment of your life are often troubled.
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